Happy customerAt Brokers Mutual Acceptance we offer a range of tailored finance, insurance and warranty solutions for our clients via our Brokers throughout Australia.

So no matter whether they’re buying a car, truck, caravan, boat, bike or jet ski, we help our clients buy it, insure it and look after it!

We are accredited  with over 30 bank & non bank lenders – a major advantage in finding the best deals, lowest interest rates and a greater chance of being approved for a loan.

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Customer Testimonials

The team at BMA were great. I’m self employed with very little spare time. Everything was completed via email within 24 hrs. Very pleased & very happy. Thanks so much.”

“My car was stolen & I wasn’t insured. I found a car I wanted to buy, but I couldn’t get finance because it was a Private Sale. My accountant gave me Justin’s number, & 2 days later I picked up my Pajero. Justin organised everything, including comprehensive insurance & a 3 year warranty. Justin was great & I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

“I just started my new job & needed a reliable car. I called Hilton from BMA, who was recommended by my father. Hilton did all the paperwork & I had my car the next day with no fuss & no headaches. Thanks Hilton”

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